Passenger Lists Netherlands to New-York 1873-1920

The forerunner of the Holland-America Line was the Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij (NASM), founded in September 1869.
With four steamers to be built, each costing 450,000 guilders, the organization wanted to start a steam line from Rotterdam to New York. It took almost two more years to complete everything and on July 27, 1872, the first ship, the Ariadne, sailed to New York.
Shortly afterwards, in September and October 1872, the fledgling company was delivered two new ships: the Rotterdam and the Maas (later the Maasdam). On her maiden voyage to New York, the latter carried 70 passengers (10 cabin passengers and 60 steerage emigrants) and 800 tons of cargo, mainly mail and goods.
The predecessor of the Holland-America Line had existed since 1869, but the company officially opened its doors in 1873. Turbulent, exciting decades followed. How would the NASM do? Dramatic, especially in the initial phase, was that between 1882 and 1890 a relatively large number of NASM ships were lost. A total of six pieces. The sinking of the six NASM ships killed 125 people, with the biggest disaster being a collision at sea off Dover

In July 1896, the NASM made a name change, mainly because foreign passengers found the old, long name Nederlandsch-Amerikaansche Stoomvaart Maatschappij unpronounceable. The new name was more convenient: Holland-America Line (HAL). The name change took place at a time when the steamship company had to deal with more and more emigrants. Emigrant transport gave the Holland-America Line new growth impulses
Almost all of them were Eastern Europeans who sought their happiness in America. This 'mass transport' was of great economic importance to the HAL. With printed matter and offices abroad, where ticket sales were sold, the HAL recruited its passengers

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In 1881 KNSM started a competing New York service from Amsterdam, which was taken over by NASM in 1883:



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